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Mopping and store bought grout cleaner only get so much of the dirt from your tile and grout. It cannot dig deep into the porous grout like the professional equipment used at Triton.

Over time, dirt and soils will work their way into the Tile and Grout, causing them to appear dirty and dull in color. Triton Steam Cleaning has you covered!

Tile and Grout Cleaning

At Triton Steam Cleaning, we use specialized, professional equipment to clean your Tile and Grout. Our powerful truck mounted equipment uses a mixture of hot water and high pressure to get your Tile and Grout looking new again in your home or commercial setting! Our customers rave about the difference in the grout color before and after!

Tile and Grout Sealing

Once the trusted professionals at, Triton Steam Cleaning have gotten your Tile and Grout looking fresh and clean, we can put a protective coating over the porous Tile and Grout to seal it and prevent dirt and soils from penetrating, making it clean easier and look nicer longer!

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Do not give up on the Tile and Grout in your home or office. Contact, Triton Steam Cleaning and let us get your Tile and Grout looking its best!