The Best Carpet Cleaning in Springboro

Triton Steam Cleaning Process

Hot water extraction, commonly referred to as Steam Cleaning, is the best way to get your carpet fibers clean and looking new again. It is the only process that penetrates deep into the fibers to remove stubborn dirt and grime.

Triton Steam Cleaning implements a multi step process that helps bring your carpet back:

Inspection & Walk Through

An inspection and walk through takes place so the technician and homeowner can discuss problem areas and the course of action needed for the carpet cleaning.

Move Furniture

Our technicians will move most furniture to insure they are cleaning the most area possible.


A pre-treatment cleaner is then sprayed on the entire carpet paying special attention to troubled areas and stains.

Deep Scrub

A powerful deep scrub is available to lift out old dirt deep in the fibers restoring your carpet.

Hot Pressurized Water

Hot pressurized water is then pumped from our machines to break down and release dirt and bacteria that is embedded in the fibers.

Fiber Rinse

Our technicians use fiber rinse product to neutralize your carpet bringing the PH level back toward factory standards helping leave your carpet softer.


Our powerful truck mounted vacs extract the dirt and a significant amount of water from your carpet.

Final Walk Through

A final walk through is performed with the customer to make sure satisfaction is guaranteed.

Call Triton Steam Cleaning for your carpet cleaning services in Springboro and Dayton area.​